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After seeing the previous article where we mentioned that the conference this morning Sony has been much talk with the appearance of the PS Vita TV, and given that sales of Sony’s portable console are not working, Sony has announced a new console.

The new PS Vita, that might call “Slim”, as it will be thinner and lighter than the first model, but rather to bring OLED screen that gives such good results, the screen will bring this new model is one 5-inch LCD, and a change in the internal storage of the console.

psvitaThe specifications given are that the Sony PS Vita will be a 20% finer terms of thickness and also 15% lighter. Has also increased in an hour the battery life of the system and will be available in six different colors: pink, black, blue, white, yellow and gray.

This new model of PlayStation Vita will go on sale in Japan this same October 10 costing about $150 to change. Date unknown in which the system will reach the western market, although it is expected that Sony did not take a long time to announce one day landing for North America or Europe because PSVita sales are a global disaster, and was expected much more of this laptop, which still suffers from a catalog to match expectations.

Also Sony has announced that the PS4 will be released in Japan on February 22, 2014.

Source: ecetia

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